Floor Mat System (3.0 x 2.0 m)

Floor Mat System (3.0 x 2.0 m)


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  • Durable, lightweight & compact

  • Equipment can be placed on top of the mats during drying

  • Can be connected to additional mat systems to target larger areas

  • Micro-jets that are designed to break the boundary layer

  • Focuses energy on the areas that need it the most

  • Can be jet-washed, steam-cleaned, or even machine washed to remove contaminants at the end of a claim.

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Drymatic Wall and Floor Systems are the perfect compliment to the Drymatic Boost Box and Drymatic Boost Bar. The Wall and Floor System has been designed to evenly distribute warm, dry airflow across the surface of water damaged materials; increasing the internal vapour pressure of the material and providing the airflow needed across the surface to efficiently remove the boundary layer.

The 3m × 2m Floor Mat is our largest floor mat and is designed to be placed on top of a water damaged floor, or it can be hung on a wall using the eyelets along the perimeter of the mat. The Wall and Floor Systems are all inter-connectable and can be joined together using a variety of connectors - you decide how large or small your target drying system needs to be.

Don’t worry about placing equipment on top of the products, they are designed to have an open internal structure that allows the air to flow around any obstacles. The mats are also incredibly hard-wearing, making them perfect for the demands of water damage claims!

Our Wall and Floor Mats can be steam-cleaned, jet-washed, or machine washed to remove any contamination at the end of each claim.

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